A New Look: Cat’s Corner Vol. 5

Cat pitching (Paige)

Hello Pride fans… Yes I realize I skipped a month and this is 4 days past due as well! I am sorry to keep you all waiting SO long. However, my other job (coaching) has consumed my time and my brain! When February rolled around, getting ready for the first weekend of games kept me busy. Hosting tournaments is great, but gathering as much info as you can on teams you haven’t ever seen play before it not always fun. Having coached Division 2 for the last three years, I was really out of touch with Division 1 teams. Speaking of season, it’s flying by! I cannot believe it’s already March and … [Read more...]

New Year, New Goals: Cat’s Corner Vol. 4


By: Cat Osterman Happy New Year Pride fans! I hope everyone had a happy, safe and love filled holiday season! I just got back to Austin Saturday night after being gone since Dec 19th! The holiday season took me to Charlotte, Houston and Schenectady, NY! I was able to see the Panthers win and clinch a playoff spot, have Santa visit in Houston, and snowboard and ride a bobsled in Lake Placid! I think I covered all my bases, and I’m glad to be home for a while! With a new year always come resolutions! Now, I am a big advocate for making changes when you feel you need to, and not waiting … [Read more...]

Giving Back: Cat’s Corner Vol. 3


By: Cat Osterman Hello all!! I know, I know, we skipped our November blog. Life was a little hectic then, and I didn’t have much extra time to sit down and write. However, we won’t miss out on 2 months in a row! Fall season wrapped up for my Bobcats, and my semester is almost over for grad classes, so life is slowing down just a little bit. Although, I’ll admit I don’t know what to do with free time when I do have it. After May, I won’t have grad classes anymore, so who knows what I will get myself into. I have a feeling my work with RBI Austin might increase a little after life … [Read more...]

Looking Back on the 2014 NPF Season


By: Cat Osterman Cat’s Corner is back!! I’ll be coming to you guys on the first Monday of every month to keep you up to date on the new happenings in my life, my teammates’ lives (since we all stay in touch), and anything else I find blogable. Well season has been over for a week, and it’s been the longest week ever! I can speak for our entire team when I say we genuinely miss each other. I love seeing notifications from Group Me (the app we group text in) because it usually means some great conversation or pictures are being shared. As you can see, we love each other, so when we go … [Read more...]