Sonya’s Health & Fitness: Foot pain that doesn’t seem to quit, when should I be worried?


Everyone has at some point in their life had a few aches and pains that come and go and most concern goes out the window.  Although there are those moments when aches and pains linger.  Probably one of the most common ailments I receive questions about relates to heel pain in young and older athletes.  This problem arises despite the sport or activity required of the athlete. My job often requires looking at an injury much like a detective sorts out a crime scene; for example you list all the signs and symptoms, compile an extensive history, and start piecing together all evidence which … [Read more...]

Sonya’s Health & Fitness: Need a pick me up? Energy drinks may not be the answer


Energy drinks have become a common thing to see in supermarkets and convenience stores. Its very common for parents to stop at a gas station and have their children run in and grab a quick drink before practice.  The problem occurs when you turn to the nutrition label on many of these so-called energy drinks.  Young athletes who are often allured by the graphics, colors, and fun names while many fail to pay attention to what they are placing in their bodies. As a health care professional that has worked closely with wide variety of athletes its surprises me the number of times I have had to … [Read more...]