Enea’s Corner: Practice player vs. Game player


Practice Player vs. Game Player Have you ever been labeled as a “practice player” or a “game player”? The difference between the two are simple. A “practice player” is someone who does extremely well in practice but can not carry it over to the game, where as a “game player” is someone who performs mediocre in practice but excels in a game. Why does this happen? Easy to answer, hard to fix! Players who shine during practice but not in games usually have the problem of self image and confidence. Practice is a very comfortable atmosphere where there are more knowns than unknowns. That … [Read more...]

Enea’s Corner: Dealing with Injuries

Most top athletes have had to deal with injuries at some point in their career. Whether it is a flaring twinge that requires daily maintenance, a few months off, or a season ending injury, what often separates elite athletes from average athletes is the way they deal with these unfortunate set backs. If you’re a serious athlete and have ever had an experience with an injury, then you know that the physical hurt you feel is only one very small part of the overall pain that you have to go through in the rehab process. The psychological pain caused by your injury and the temporary loss of your … [Read more...]

Enea’s Corner: Juggling School and Sports


Being a student-athlete comes with an abundance of perks: exercise, competitiveness, keeping you out of trouble, and friendship. The list goes on and on, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Responsibility that most teenagers tend to put aside and only confront when necessary. These days, academics is taking a back seat to athletics, which teenagers rationalize as they have to be working the hardest at their sport to be the best. I know those days when you believe you had the worst practice or the worst game and the only thing that will counteract your performance is none other … [Read more...]