Goody’s Corner: Time Flies When You’re in the Place You Are Meant To Be

Goody's Corner Time Flies

It feels like just yesterday I was blogging about the opening day for the 2016 NPF season, and now – here I am blogging about the NPF National Championships approaching on August 19-23 in Tuscaloosa, AL. By the way, my USSSA Pride team is the regular season CHAMPS! Its hard to explain in words, how quickly this season has just flown by for me. I believe it’s because I’m living my dream doing what I love, which is playing Softball at the professional level! So what is a day in the life like? Wake up early, get to the airport in time to check bags, return the rental car, hop on a plane … [Read more...]

Goody’s Corner: 2016 NPF Draft Is Here

USSSA Pride Dimensions Goody

As the National Pro Fastpitch Draft approaches, I can’t help but think about the incredible opportunity there is to play in a Pro Fastpitch League now. The years of hard work and financial support by so many people. So many Individuals who love this game so much, that they formed the NPF League for players like me, and countless others, to have a place to continue to play softball after our College careers! This is simply unbelievable when you stop and think about what it took, and continues to take to make this league thrive and grow. Saying I am extremely grateful, is an … [Read more...]